Opal Doublets

Australian Black Opal Doublets

Australian Black Opal Doublets

We just got in a new lot of Australian Black Opal doublets … and we’ve been inundated with questions regarding what a doublet is since … so I thought I would make that our first blog entry!

A doublet is a type of stone whereby 2 different materials are bonded together hence the name “doublet”.  It is a very common practice in precious opals.  A slice of precious opal is bonded to a backing to give it stability and strength. In this lot we have shown above, they are backed by ironstone (ironstone is a stone that commonly “hosts” precious opal … you will often see precious opals forming in the cracks of ironstone … this formation is known as Boulder Opals …).

Sometimes onyx is also used for the backing and this is not as natural looking or as valuable because onyx often creates a dark background when bonded to white precious opal giving the appearance of a black opal.

Our lot is natural black opals that have been bonded to ironstone.

Hope this helps!


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