PEOPLE – Jean-Baptiste Tavernier

Jean-Baptiste Tavernier

Known for the discovery and sale of a 118 carat natural blue diamond to Louis XIV of France in 1668, Jean-Baptiste Tavernier traveled the world and documented his observations in sketches and also in a book, les Six Voyages de Jean-Baptiste Tavernier (Six Voyages.) This diamond, known as the Tavernier Blue, is a legend amongst famous jewels and eventually became the Hope Diamond now housed at the Smithsonian Institute. To read more about the fascinating history of the Hope Diamond click here.

Inspired by Tavernier’s drawings, we are proud to offer our NEW Tavernier Rock Candy Gems … currently available in Amethyst, Rose Quartz, Citrine, Lapis and Hessonite Garnet. Coming soon in Prehnite and Apatite! Stay tuned.


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