SKULLS – Beyond Victorian.

Catrinas – a popular figure in the Mexican Day of the Dead celebrations

The Victorians are well known for having had a fascination with the macabre.

But throughout history, skulls have been used in rituals, celebrations, and as a symbolic motif in clothing, jewelry and paintings.

Earthly Vanity and Divine Salvation by Hans Memling. This triptych contrasts earthly beauty and luxury with the prospect of death and hell.

Memento Mori, a genre of artworks spanning fine art to the decorative arts, serve the purpose of reminding people of their mortality – an artistic theme dating back to antiquity.

Paul Cézanne – “Boy with Skull

So it is no surprise that modern day taste makers like Alexander McQueen and Christian Dior are using this motif to create some eye-popping jewels.

In 2009, Christian Dior launched a line of opulent fine jewelry centered on this theme:

“Kings and Queens Collection,” these luxurious accessories, designed by Victoire de Castellane, are crafted from opal, jade, and obsidian. The stones are then sculpted into skulls complete with ornate, blinged out crowns and collars. The garish heads are meant to represent the passing of time and the coming of death, while the sparkling crown and collar remind us to enjoy every moment.

Hmmm … I’m not exactly sure how these “garish” opulent sparklers are supposed to remind us of the coming of death …. on the contrary, I think they should remind us of life and art and the beauty that surrounds.  Anyhow, if you want to make your own garish heads or memento mori,  WE CUSTOM CARVE GEMSTONE SKULLS TO SPEC.  Contact us:

Alexander McQueen

Christian Dior

Multi Gemstone Skulls

White Opal (Cocholong) Skulls


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