MISSONI – Fluorites

I must admit, one of the main reasons I got into the gemstones trade, is because of color. It is also the reason why I love yarn and textiles … and when the subject of color and textiles is broached, there is only one name to speak of: Missoni.

Missoni carries off color combinations like no other.  Their colors and patterns are always elegant yet arresting; hues you thought should not go together are artfully placed and shades graduated to create rich, harmonious tapestries.

In Store - GIANT Citrus Banded Fluorite (17x27.5mm) - $252.87

Citrus Banded Fluorite. Matched.  Ask for custom design & setting $252.87               Available here

If Missoni were to design a gemstone, it would be Banded Fluorite, in my opinion, one of the most under-valued and under-used gemstones.

OK, its softness (rating between 4 and 5 on the Moh’s scale) prevents it from being used in rings or bangles but some gorgeous pendant earrings will do, thank you.

As if their color combinations weren’t a good enough reason, they also come in HUMONGOUS sizes … you could really make an impact with one of these gigantic, colorful, bold gemstones.

So, you may not have 3 million (or whatever it was) to spend on a pair of GIANT emerald pendant earrings like Angelina Jolie (you know the ones … do I even need to post any pics) but you could treat yourself to some gorgeous CITRUS colored GIANT banded fluorite drops.

If stripes aren’t your thing, fluorites come in bright solid colors too.  Oh, and their colors are au naturale – fluorites are never treated for color or clarity.  So, purchase with peace of mind.  Happy Shopping!

(images via Missoni, Amara & Siam Gem Palace)

Citrus Banded Fluorite – $16.99

Geometric Green Fluorite – $32.99


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