Cathy Waterman Designs Jewelry for Snow White and The Huntsman

IN THEATERS JUNE 1st.  Having been an admirer of Cathy Waterman for some time, I was delighted to learn that she would be designing the jewelry in Charlize Theron’s upcoming summer blockbuster, Snow White and The Huntsman.  I can’t think of a better woman for this task and she has not disappointed.  Waterman has created some stunning ethereal pieces for us to gawk at … go see the movie for the jewelry!

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Get a behind-the-scenes peek at the process behind creating the jewels in Snow White and the Huntsman with Cathy Waterman:

How were you brought in to work on the film Snow White and the Huntsman?

Creating jewelry for the film Snow White And The Huntsman with Colleen Atwood was a very enriching experience. Colleen has a wonderful imagination and in a sense, we are very similar. In my studio, I create whatever I dream of and that’s exactly what she does, she has even won Oscars for it. I have admired her work for years. I was obviously very flattered when she asked me to work with her on the set of one of my favorite fairytales, which really influenced my style when I was a child. In fact, most fairytales influenced my work right from the beginning. Just one more thing that made this project perfect for me.

How did your collaboration with Colleen Atwood go?

I think that Colleen understood that most of my is influenced by fantasy and beauty, and it represents both my good and bad sides. I was in heaven when she contacted me, and her visits to my studio will always be some of the most memorable meetings I have ever had in my career. We really had a connection. We have since become very good friends and hope to be able to work together in the near future.

What is your favorite memory of designing this collection?

During filming, I had the chance to visit Atwood’s studio in Pinewood Studios, in the suburbs of London, and that gave me a small look into the breadth of her talent. Colleen used, for example, Thai beetles that she fastened onto a dress for one of the demon Queen’s gowns. For others, she used bird skulls. And that was just the beginning!

Did Charlize Theron, who played the role of Ravenna in the move, inspire you?

I have been working with Charlize Theron, who played the Queen Ravenna, for many years. Her inherent beauty and kindness is always contrasted by the characters that she chooses to play. However, she has never been as beautiful as she was in this film.

How did you imagine the jewelry would turn out?

For Queen Ravenna, we were looking for more refined pieces that were rather complex in nature. For example, in the scene where the Queen is in front of her mirror, I chose a pair of black sapphire earrings and a leaf pendant. A jewel with sublime colors but that was strung onto a rustic, raw sapphire chain. For the scene just before the wedding, Ravenna is wearing a ring that is beautiful, but also ferocious. The cross that she wears during the wedding was made with pearls and diamonds, with a cage holding a diamond tightly squeezed  at its heart. Her crown was also sublime, it was based on small blackberry leaves inspired by a design that already existed that I found in  an exhibition on to tiaras in 2002, at the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. All of these jewels were very beautiful on their own, but they really came to life when worn together within the context of the film.

By Anne-Sophie Mallard, translated by Geneviève Hartmann (via French Vogue)

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