QUEEN’S DIAMOND JUBILEE – The Talisman Crown by De Beers

De Beers celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee with a unique piece that is set to go on show in Harrods, London, from May 15.  

The crown will spend one month at Harrods.  Then will tour Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong and New York.

The crown is studded with 974 diamonds, of which 797 are polished and 177 are rough. The center piece is a gorgeous uncut 73 carat diamond.

“We could have used a bigger diamond,” a De Beers employee explained at the unveiling in the flagship store on Old Bond Street, “but this one just felt perfect. The uncut diamond wields a unique power and brings luck. Napoleon carried one in his pocket every time he went into battle …

The diamonds signify achievements of the past whilst the negative spaces of the unset crown signify future aspirations and accomplishments to come. Using a hallmark setting to accentuate the delicacy and shapes of the diamonds and the contours of the crown, the design follows the Talisman aesthetic and showcases our diamond mastery and unique artistry.”(images via De Beers, The Telegraph)

Rough Uncut Diamond USD$34.99

Uncut Diamond Beads USD$89.99


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