Seasonal Color Analysis – what are your best colors?

There is a color system based on the four seasons (remember this fad in the 80’s? … everyone was “warm” or “cool” … ) that allows you to quickly assess which colors enhance your natural coloring and which to avoid like the plague.  Although the system is mostly used for choosing cosmetics and clothing, I don’t see why it couldn’t be applied to jewelry and gemstones as well.

Spring Swatches

Summer Swatches

Winter Swatches

Autumn Swatches

Find out if you’re Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring by taking this simple test.  Within each season, you can also be “muted”, “dark”, “warm” or “cool” – these four factors influence the tone, intensity and saturation of the hues that look best on you.  One quick way to find out if you’re “warm” or “cool” is to decide whether gold or silver jewelry looks best on you.  (images via carolthompsonbeautysecrets)


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