CHANEL Fall 2012 Paris Show – GIANT CRYSTALS

Paris Fashion Week was back in March so this post is a little late in coming …  but it warms my gemmy heart to see Karl Lagerfeld incorporating giant “crystals” as the backdrop for his ready-to-wear runway show at the Grand Palais.

The humongous crystal sculptures jutting out from the ground which was strewn with white sand lend a strangely natural yet stark and futuristic look to the show.  The models look as if they are walking inside a quartz geode filled with white, amethyst, gray and smoky stalacmites.

I’m typically not a fashion follower but I do appreciate well made classic clothes presented in a thoughtful way.

Whoever made these crystal sculptures really did a great job because they look like human-sized versions of the real thing.  (images via bohomoth, lachanelphile,, stylebistro)

Use these crystals for home decor … we drill these for making amazing natural crystal chandeliers.


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