PAINTED JEWELRY – past and present

I’ve always loved painted miniatures set in jewelry … the miniatures tell a story that cannot be conveyed by gemstones and metal alone.

Antique Painted Brooch/Pendant

In the past, painted miniatures were mostly paintings of a deceased loved one – as a type of memorial jewelry.

Antique Painted Memorial Brooch

Nowadays, subject matters vary widely and painting on gold or silver can have a “trompe l’oeil” effect.

Christina Goodman “trompe l’oeil” garnet and pearl earrings

Ananda Khalsa Painted Magnolia and Ruby Necklace

Asos Painted Miniature Bracelet

Some pieces have a religious theme, while others have an oriental feeling.  And some are just plain quirky like Delfina Delettrez’s painted eye single earring.

(images via,, ananda khalsa, christina goodman,, delfina delettrez)


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