5C’s of Diamond Buying – Intro

When I lived and worked in NYC, I helped a lot of couples choose/purchase the ring that will symbolize the biggest decision of their lives.  Yep, I’m talking about the thing that most girls daydream about and is often the stuff of nightmares for their men … The Engagement Ring.

Now that wedding season is upon us (in fact, I’m heading off to one of my best friend’s wedding tomorrow at breath-taking Half Moon Bay, San Francisco … but I’m definitely not looking forward to the long haul flight!), I thought I would share some of my knowledge and advice with you.  I’ll try to touch on all aspects of this momentous decision from setting a budget to ring styles and even down to the nitty gritty of the angles and proportions of the stones … this is a HUGE decision and is often the third largest single purchase a couple will make in their lifetime after a house and a car.

I will break this down into parts.

In Part 1, I will discuss Cutting Styles, often the most confusing and difficult to understand, part of this decision making process.  Hey, let’s get the painful part over with first, right?

So, Part 1 Begins …

Rose Cut is making a big come-back.  Designers are incorporating rose cut gemstones widely across many different genres.  But what exactly is rose cut?  And why can 2 stones identified as “rose cut” look so different?

Sarah Perlis Rose Cut Sapphire Ring

Traditionally, a rose rut stone is one with a relatively flat back (like a cabochon) with triangular crown facets that come to a point – resulting in a faceting pattern that resembles a stylized rose.

Nora Kogan Rose Cut Diamond “Temptation” Engagement Ring

Rose Cut Faceting Style Diagram

Most of the time, they are round in shape.  However, oval, pear, cushion and even free form shapes with rose cut faceting are becoming a more common sight.

Here, we should make the distinction between “shape” and “cut”.  When we talk about the shape of a stone, we mean, the general outline of the thing.  A stone can be round, rectangular, square, hexagonal etc.  But they can also have no particular shape – as in a free form “organic” outline.

Siam Gem Palace Oval Rose Cut Golden Yellow Sapphires

The “cut” is something different entirely.  The “cut” of a stone refers to its angles and proportions and the shape of the individual facets.

Triangular facets are usually called “brilliant cut” (like your traditional round diamond solitaire) and rectangular facets are generally referred to as “step cut” (think emerald cut diamonds).

Tiffany 6 Prong Knife Edge Round Diamond Solitaire

Brilliant Cut stones are aptly named because triangular facets create more sparkle due to more refraction of light within the stone.

Tacori Emerald Cut Diamond Engagement Ring

Step Cut, though less brilliant to the eye, is highly elegant and only very clean stones will be cut into this style because inclusions have no where to hide.

To be continued …

(images via venaamoris, Nora Kogan, Berganza, Siam Gem Palace, Tiffany, Tacori)


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