5C’s of Diamond Buying – Cut {part 1}

As you’ve probably heard, there is what’s called the 4C’s in evaluating a diamond.  The 4C’s are:  Cut, Color, Clarity, and Carat.  Each of these 4C’s serve to contribute to the beauty and also the price of a diamond.

As a continuation of Part 1, I will be discussing the “cut” of a diamond here.

Cut is an extremely important factor in contributing to the brilliance of a diamond.  Due to the amount of sparkle and flash a well cut diamond can give off, “flaws” such as lower color and/or clarity are minimized to the eye.

ROUND.  Diamonds come in many shapes and styles.  The most common is the round brilliant cut.  A round brilliant cut diamond has triangular faceting and is the only cut that can achieve “ideal” proportions – meaning, the maximum return of light to the eye.  Ideal cut round diamonds have become quite popular in the last ten years or so.  I think the reason being is you can get away with a lower color or clarity stone, if the diamond is extremely well cut.

Rina Limor Round Diamond Pavé Engagement Ring

When a diamond has excellent proportions, the maximum amount of light is returned to the eye.  A stone that is cut too shallow looks glassy and a stone cut too deep looks dark and dull.

Round diamonds are extremely versatile.  They can be set into a multitude of designs ranging from clean and modern to the classic solitaire to antique styles.

For examples of round diamonds in a variety of settings, check out this slideshow on Martha Stewart Weddings.


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