Strolling around the infamous animal section of the Chatuchak Market (or colloquially, JJ Market) here in Bangkok a few weekends ago,

Kitty Band in Sterling Silver – michellechangjewelry on Etsy

I suddenly felt two beams of electric halcyon blue boring in on me … I stopped in my tracks and searched for the source.

Himalayan Kittens

In my peripheral vision, I spotted a very young kitten being held and coddled by his “breeder”/seller.  Chatuchak Market is full of baby animals waiting to be sold (hopefully to a nice home).

Cartier Platinum Diamond, Onyx and Beryl Bangle

I sometimes wonder what happens to all the babies as the market is full of unbelievably cute and adorable creatures but what happens when they grow up a little and lose their “baby” appeal?  I don’t see the rate of sales catching up to the number of pups being displayed.  Ah … I digress.

Cartier Panther Diamond and Sapphire Brooch

So I walked towards this kitten who flashed his eyes at me.  As I got closer, I realized that he is a Persian … well, a Himalayan to be exact because he has seal point coloration … the same coloring as my Mini Lop Rabbit that I adore.

Cocholong & Gold Cat Face Pendant – Diane Griswald Johnston Precious Jewels

Immediately, I called over my DH and he was duly impressed with this little creature too.  We marveled over him for ten minutes, asking the seller some questions, and started to think about taking him home … of course, in the end, we knew it wouldn’t happen … not only do we already have a rabbit in an apartment in which pets are not allowed (oops, don’t tell on us!) but who knows if these two will become friends or mortal enemies?  We travel so much that it would be hard having two pets to worry about.

Lot 69 Ancient Gold Sphinx Earrings with Garnets – Christies Ancient Jewelry & Seals Auction 2 PM, Wednesday, December 6, 2000  SOLD $21,150

So, I guess cats have been on my mind since and I started trolling online for feline jewelry.  Yes, in my jewelry/gem filled world, cats and jewelry do mix and mix quite well as evidenced by the gorgeous things I found.

Cartier Panthère Gold Ring

Of course, the first thing I thought of was the Cartier Panthère Collection – those are simply iconic.  But there is so much more cat bling out there …

Hand Painted Natural Stone Cat Ring – shebbodesign on Etsy

Some are quite stunning in craftsmanship, some are quirky and some are just plain great for everyday.

If you’re a true cat lover, you need to check out www.thegoldcat.com, I was really impressed with the designs and quality (at least from what I can tell from the photos) of these adorable feline creatures in precious metal.

Gold and Silver Cat Wrap Ring – http://www.thegoldcat.com

And check out this interesting geometric design from origamijewellery.com, a French design team that takes the traditional Japanese paper folding craft to new heights translating them into modern, fun, wearable art.

Origami Cat Silver Necklace – http://www.origamijewellery.com

And finally, if you’re in the pink, you can treat yourself to these wonderful one-of-a-kind things from Tiffany and Cartier …*sigh*

Cartier Articulated Gold, Diamond, Onyx and Emerald Panther Pendant

Tiffany Diamond Cat Brooch

Hand Carved Jelly Opal Cat Face – http://www.gempalace.etsy.com

(images via michellechangjewelry, Diane Griswald Johnston, Cartier, Tiffany, shebbodesign, thegoldcat.com)


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