DASHI NAMDAKOV –> Sculpted Jewels

In recent years, Dashi Namdakov has emerged as a major player on the international art scene.

His most public work, a 16ft. bronze sculpture of Ghengis Khan, is now on display in London at the Marble Arch and will be on display until early September … so don’t miss it!

Namdakov is Buryat.  The Buryat people are an indigenous people living around Lake Baikal of Siberia.  Buryat culture share many similarities with the nomadic Mongolians of Central Asia.  You can clearly see the influence of Namdakov’s background in his work.

Namdakov’s Ghengis Khan sculpture at the Marble Arch in London

Many of his sculptures center on themes of mythical figures, shamanism and zoomorphic creatures of Eastern origin.

Though his sculptures are well known, few people know that Namdakov also makes jewelry.  Namdakov has a workshop in Italy where his jewels are fabricated.

He works closely with an elite group of Italian artisans he has hand-picked through years of collaboration to bring his ideas to life.

Although each piece is completely wearable, Namdakov considers his jewelry to be mini versions of his sculptural work.

And there is certainly a feeling of three-dimensionality to his work that a jeweler without sculpture training sometimes lacks.

The imagery that Namdakov presents feels very familiar despite their alien and sometimes grotesque appearance.

I think the ability to tap into the collective subconscious and bring forth in representation what we all have floating around in the back of our minds is the mark of a great artist.

The end result are objects of beauty that endure because they come from a place deep within the human psyche.

Namdakov’s jewelry are masterpieces.  Each piece is produced in very small numbers if not completely one-of-a-kind.  Few are for sale and many are in the collections of major museums around the world.

(images via Halcyon Gallery, www.artinvestment.ru)


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