HEMMERLE: Jeweled Salad

Munich based jewelry house Hemmerle has been providing the world with haute joaillerie since the 19th century when brothers Joseph and Anton where appointed by the Bavarian court to be purveyors of Medals and ornaments.

Hemmerle’s iron, silver and gold earrings are set with emeralds and brilliant green tsavorite garnets.

Now in its fourth generation, the company maintains its tradition of producing exceptionally crafted and truly unique designs by combining usual materials like copper and wood with colored gold, silver and AAA-quality gemstones.

Hemmerle 18k white gold, copper, tsavorite garnet, tourmaline, aquamarine earrings.

At the 2011 TEFAF Maastricht Art Fair, Hemmerle unveiled a 12-piece collection of vegetable brooches inspired by an article on salads stumbled upon by Christan Hemmerle, the son of Stefan Hemmerle (Stefan Hemmerle is the family member who took the business to new heights and recognition in the 1970’s.)

Everything in this collection is controlled and refined.  There is nothing loud that screams ‘look at me’ even though the subject matter is quite quirky.

Hemmerle could have chosen the loud and bright route – as so many vegetable/fruit designs in fashion and jewelry seem to be – however, Christian Hemmerle chose to portray these every day common vegetables in a realistic and artful way.

Look at the careful and considered variation in shades of purple in the pavé eggplant.  Or the size and shape variation of the pearl ‘kernels’ in the corn brooch.  Every detail is deliberate.

Christian Hemmerle chose quite mundane vegetables as subject matters … as far as the vegetable world is concerned, his choices of cauliflower, eggplant, carrot, peas, corn etc. are prosaic.

Perhaps this is why the collection was a stand-out amongst the thousands of high-end, diamond studded pieces on display.

The vegetables were a welcome relief to the eyes amongst so much “bling” and guilded everything.

Eleven of the twelve vegetables sold at the show and the one remaining (the cauliflower), I am sure, has been sold since.  The pieces start at 28,000 euros.

(images via Hemmerle, NY Times Magazine, W Magazine)


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