Black & Gold

Combining yellow gold and blackened silver creates an antique aesthetic. Here’s a look at three artists in three very different markets who are utilizing this technique.

HAUTE ::  First up, Sevan Bicakci.  This Turkish jeweler has taken traditional jewelry making to stratospheric levels with his painted and/or carved scenes encased in gemstones with intricate enameling, engraving and pavé work all around each of his pieces.  He draws inspiration from ancient Turkish architecture often utilizing a large high-domed center stone.

Sevan Bicakci pieces start at about $12,000 USD and can be purchased at Barney’s New York and Barney’s website.

FASHION ::  Next up, ArmentaArmenta is a relatively new designer on the scene but has quickly caught the attention of the jewelry world.  Emily Armenta’s designs veer towards an old Spanish style harkening back to the days of the conquistadors.  Her designs are bold but feminine.  Some pieces, like her diamond bands, are dainty enough for everyday wear and would make fantastic wedding bands.

Armenta pieces start at about $1,000 USD and can be purchased at various Neiman Marcus locations and on the Neiman Marcus website.

ARTISAN ::  Lastly, Esmeralda Woestenenk of SilverBlueberry on Etsy, creates an antique look using a rough natural ruby slice set in oxidized silver.  She adds 14k yellow gold scroll accents along the bezel and engraved edging details on the band.  Though not all of SilverBlueberry’s pieces are antique in style, this particular ring really stands out amongst the others in her shop.

This antique style SilverBlueberry ring is $125 USD and can be purchased here on Etsy.


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