Finding Your Ring … on Etsy!

I’m sure you’ve known for a while that Etsy is a great resource for all things hand-made.  With jewelry being its best-selling category, there are bound to be some pretty awesome Etsy jewelers ready and willing to create that special ring for that special day just for you, right?  Right.

Kyle Anne Metals – Diamond Solitaire Ring

Etsy’s Michelle Traub picked a handful of the many outstanding jewelers on Etsy to discuss their work and their process when it comes to working with couples to create their engagement rings and/or wedding bands in “Straight From the Jeweler’s Mouth.”

Fabuluster – His and Hers Fingerprint Bands

There is so much creativity and talent on Etsy … it’s mind-boggling!  These fingerprint bands are so groovy …. made by a groovy couple from Maine … Brent and Jessica Williams who both hold BFA’s from Maine College of Art in Jewelry and Metalsmithing.

And lastly, these vintage diamond ring advertisements are just too much!  Had to share them with you here.  I love old ads and I’m presuming some of you do too!

Thank you Michelle Traub for a great post with informative details and awesome pictures – just what we love on a blog post!

(images via etsy, kyleannemetals, fabuluster)


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