Invisible Bicycle Helmet –> Hövding

No more helmet head! A Swedish duo has invented an invisible bicycle helmet!

The helmet is called Hövding and was the masters thesis project of two female students at Lund University. After six years of research and 10 million dollars of investment, the Hovding has finally hit the market!

Basically, the device is a collar you wear around your neck which has a motion sensor. The motion sensor detects when you’ve crashed and releases an airbag filling it with helium in mid air.

I like how they’ve managed to make this slightly bulky awkward thing into a fashion statement.

You can charge it like a phone when not in use … but it is a one time use product only.

At $600.00 a pop, it is pretty steep – especially when it can only be used once. This is definitely more of an urban cyclist fashion accessory.

(images via hövding, gadget grid)


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