TIFFANY BOZIC – Animal Drama

I love the street art/pop culture blog FecalFace … ok, the name is not for everyone but the content is the opposite of fecal, I swear!

Through them, I was introduced to the wonderful and weird world of Tiffany Bozic, a San Francisco based fine artist.

Bozic’s work is said to be influenced by John James Audubon and Ernst Haeckel.

Yes, there are some similarities in theme but Bozic’s work is much more imaginative than the two scientific-minded gentlemen.

The two men who pursued ornithology and morphology of organisms respectively seem only to use painting and drawing as a way to document their studies.

Bozic’s painted world is a fantastic one in which reality is secondary.

Inter-species swashbuckling seem to be her current muse as demonstrated in Eat or Be Eaten (Joshua Liner Gallery, New York, 2010) in which bats and toads duke it out against an explosion of red daisies.

Her work is complex yet arrestingly beautiful.

At first glance, the colors and composition draw you in. But you stay because Bozic is telling you a story. A story of survival, fear, sometimes loneliness, sometimes companionship, but always with a nagging sense of displacement. Her subjects are often out of place and doing something out of character.

Quite a number of Bozic’s work – especially her more current works – remind me of Paul Cézanne. They have a slight flattened-depth perspective that makes the compositions so intriguing. But unlike Cézanne who often painted rather mundane subjects, Bozic incorporates a dimension of surrealism with creatures acting out fascinating dramas. And who could resist the animal drama?

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Many of her latest work can be viewed at the Joshua Liner Gallery, New York.

(images via Tiffany Bozic)


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