MERVE KAHRAMAN –> L’Art de la Seduction

Here’s a fresh and ingenious way to use a ring. Pour some cognac in it and drink from it!

London based industrial designer Merve Kahraman has crafted such a thing.

All text italicized from The “Seduction Series” is a new experience emphasizing the aromas distinctive to Remy Martin

These unique items of glassware and serving accessories are intended to sensitize people to the expectation of complex olfactory experiences by using specific gestures. 

The service will be exclusive to private events and parties and it brings a youthful way to celebrate the exceptional aromatic profiles of Remy Martin.

My thoughts: The idea of marrying a gesture to an object and then having that motion imprinted on our brains based on olfactory sensations is pure genius! Or mind-control. I’m not sure.

Would you want a ring like this to flaunt around at parties? Tell me what you think.

(via Merve Kahraman)


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