A PEACE TREATY – Accessorize for a Good Cause

We love that A Peace Treaty works with local artisans to create its gorgeous jewelry line and accessories.

Started by two women who met in Rome, they combined their individual talents (one in graphic design and textiles and the other in multimedia marketing campaigns) to create this company that works with local artisans creating a sustainable way of earning a living for them and at the same time, preserving traditional crafts.

Did I forget to mention, their designs are eye-poppingly gorgeous.

We love what they do because we try to do the same with gemstones. Working with local cutters and carvers is really a wonderful process.

There are so many talented people around the world that lack the economic/social opportunities to promote their work and skill.

We forget how lucky we are to be able to use tools like Etsy, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Ebay and virtually all for free to get our work out there.

For many others, lack of education, literacy, the means to access a computer and so many other factors prevent them from being able to sell their work and make a living for their families.

Here at SGP, we count our lucky stars to be able to do what we love and provide a channel between skilled artisans in third-world countries to those in first-world countries.

Support A Peace Treaty and countless other socially conscious businesses and create a more beautiful world doing it!

(A Peace Treaty products $80 – $300)


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