Sponsored by NICHE magazine, the NICHE Awards program began in 1989 to celebrate excellence and innovation in American and Canadian fine craft. Artists are recognized in professional and student divisions. They are currently taking applications for 2013.

2012 Professional Jeweler Winner – Aleksandra Vali “Le Mirage”

The NICHE Awards competition is open to professional craft artists ages 21 and older who reside in America or Canada and are actively involved in the design and production of craftwork supplied to galleries and/or craft stores.

The NICHE Awards Student competition is open to any craft student residing in and attending an American or Canadian undergraduate, graduate or certificate arts program.

Submitted work must have been produced or introduced after August 31, 2011 to be eligible. Work previously submitted to the competition will not be accepted.  All work must be designed and made by the artist or a collaboration of artists, with all collaborators identified. Artists may enter as a student for up to one (1) year after graduation; however, the work submitted must have been produced while an artist was still a student.  Professionals may submit only work produced within the U.S. or Canada.  Work produced or finished in secondary studios in other countries may not be submitted.


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