ROAR! –> Tiger Inspired Jewelry

I have a thing for wild cats. The wilder the better. I love how strong and fierce they are.

Lanvin Tiger Collar

Cartier Diamond and Onyx Tiger Bangle

And their patterns are absolutely stunning – dark stripes and rosettes on a shaded backdrop.

Although many other animals exhibit striping, none are as beautiful and show-stopping as that of wild cats.

From the ancient Egyptian sphinxes, to the Mayan jaguars carved on stone temples, to the Chinese zodiac, it seems humans have always been fascinated by these majestic creatures.

Bagha Ring by Boucheron

So, of course, when my cutter showed me a parcel of natural tiger-striped diamond slices, I almost dropped the other parcel of diamonds I was holding on the floor.

Our NEW Tiger-Striped Natural Diamond Slices!

Have you ever seen anything so wonderful?

The whole famly …

With no hesitation, we picked out some of the nicest ones from the lot … even shapes that show the striping best.

We got back to the office and worked like crazy to get them all photographed, weighed and listed. Phew!

Check them out in our Facebook album or buy them here on Etsy.

Hope you like it as much as us!


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