I’m constantly seeing stuff on Etsy that are adorable, interesting, beautiful, useful, ______________ (insert your own adjective) and I have loads of items in my ‘favorites’ gathering dust …

So, I thought it would be a good idea to share them here. I’ve added a new category called ‘Etsy’ where I’ll share these favorites along with anything Etsy related!

First item on the list, this fox dress by wildthingsdresses is absolutely adorable … this entire shop is filled with fantastic and whimsical creations for little ones … I’m getting one for my friend who is expecting a baby girl in December …

Fox Dress by wildthingsdresses

I have been admiring these dishes by CatsPawPottery for quite some time. The lotus design and vintage feel is so unique and for $18.00 … you really can’t go wrong.

Vintage Lotus Bread Dipping Plate by CatsPawPottery

Vintage 1928 Dictionary by littlebyrdvintage

I love vintage clothing but what makes my heart skip beat are useful vintage items like typewriters, coffee makers, old tin cans etc. and this dictionary from 1928 is just about the best useful thing you can hope to find!

The next find is a teensy bit indulgent … but I would have LOVED this squeal-worthy jacket when I was little … isn’t it luxurious and wonderful for a little girl? While I would not purchase anything new made with fur, I think vintage furs are O.K.

1960s Vintage Girls Alaskan Girl’s Coat by diggerodellvintage

Ok, you knew I was going to work some jewelry in here, didn’t you? Well, it IS one of my loves and what I do for a living so of course, I have many many jewelry items in my faves. This gorgeous engagement ring from kristincoffin combines so many elements that I love – organic and nature-inspired design, a gorgeous rose cut diamond and, most importantly, a matching wedding band that was designed and made especially for the engagement ring.

I can’t emphasize this point enough. Often, couples get so entrenched in finding the ‘perfect’ engagement ring, they forget about the band … the rings are meant to be worn as a suite so you should really shop for both at the same time.

Rose Cut Diamond Engagement Twig Ring & Band by kristincoffin

And lastly, this 100% organic cotton wash cloth/mitt is just the thing to help you relax after a long day at work, don’t you think? Plus, I love knitting and crocheting so looking at this just makes me happy.

There you have it, folks. ‘Til next time. Xxxo

100% Organic Cotton Bath Cloth/Mitt by strikk


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