VIREN BHAGAT –> Twist on Tradition

Recently, we got in a parcel of diamond slices. They range from 6-10mm wide and are free form shaped. The slices are about 1mm thick – usually they are made into rings or pendants. Sometimes, they are set with a halo of pavé diamonds for that extra oomph.

Imagine my delight when I saw these earrings by Viren Bhagat.
What a creative use of diamond slices!

Mumbai-based Viren Bhagat is fast becoming a jeweler the likes of JAR. His work is sold exclusively through Christie’s in the U.S. with only 60-70 pieces made each year.

He is known for his adaptation of traditional Mughal motifs into exquisite contemporary show pieces.A fourth generation jeweler, Bhagat has distilled Mughal design down to its essence using simple shapes and lines incorporating gemstones cut specially for that piece or collected over years, sometimes decades, until the inspiration strikes.


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