NOVEMBER –> Topaz & Citrine

This month’s birthstones are especially meaningful for me because I’m a November baby! There’s nothing like the warmth and glow a deep citrine or imperial topaz can give … Some may think it’s a tricky color to wear but with the variety of tones and shades out there, ranging from pale lemon yellow to blood orange, there’s bound to be something that would look amazing on you.

As for me, I’ll take one of each below:

1.  Robert Procop / the style of jolie citrine tablet earrings

2.  Tiffany & Co. / diamond and imperial topaz necklace

3.  Anthropologie / art deco style citrine ring

4.  JAR / ellen barkin imperial topaz earrings

5.  Yossi Harari / citrine pendant 18k

6.  Goshwara / citrine bracelet 18K

7.   Pointnopoint Studio / citrine candy ring

8. / antique imperial topaz ring


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