Natural Pink and Yellow Diamonds

Just arrived – Natural Fancy Colored diamonds in PINK and YELLOW. GORGEOUS quality in the 0.10 to 0.25 cts. range … perfect for a sweet little ring or necklace. They’re conflict-free because they were mined in Argyle, Australia.

  •     Pear Shape Fancy Light Pink. SI2. 1 pc. 0.20 cts. 3.2x4.2mm (DIA229) $899.99
  • Pear Shape Fancy Light Pink. SI2. 1 pc. 0.20 cts. 3.2×4.2mm (DIA229) $899.99

If you’re in the market to treat yourself (or a loved one) to a very special gift indeed, they’ve all been listed in our Etsy store.


Cushion. Fancy Intense Yellow. VS2. 0.17 cts. 2.80×2.90mm (DIA233) $329.99

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some little known facts about colored diamonds in the form of an imaginary Q&A since we do get asked lots of questions about diamonds (as it should be) since they are the most expensive items in our shop … so hopefully my Q&A will help you understand these gorgeous gifts from Mother Nature and to help you make an informed purchase decision.

Q:  What colors do natural diamonds come in?

A: Over 300 colors have so far been identified with varying shades and hues. Diamonds naturally come in every color of the rainbow with “white” (colorless & transparent) being the most common. Isn’t Mother Nature incredible??!

Q:  What is the rarest color?

A: The rarest natural diamond color is red. It is also the color that fetches the most at auction in terms of price per carat.

Q:  What should I look for when purchasing a colored diamond?

A: The most important thing to look for, not surprisingly, is the color of the stone; how vivid is the color, how saturated is the tone, is it a ‘pure’ color or does it have grayish or brownish overtones? Classically, a stone that has a vivid, pure, saturated color is considered the ‘best’. However, I’ve found that color should really be based on personal taste and whether that particular tone/shade looks good on your skin since it should look awesome on you and enhance your appearance … unless of course, you’re buying the diamond as an investment and don’t plan on wearing it.


Cushion. Fancy Intense Orangy Pink. I1. 0.15 cts. 2.8×2.9mm (DIA223) $699.99

Q:  How are colored diamonds formed? Is it different from colorless diamonds?

A: Yes and no. All diamonds (whether colored or colorless) form deep under the Earth’s surface under extremely high pressure and temperature. What gives a diamond color vary depending on the color. For example, trace elements of boron in the mostly carbon chemical composition of diamonds, make the diamond blue; trace elements of nitrogen colors it yellow. Some colors are formed due to the distortion of the crystal structure of the carbon atoms – this is what the experts think causes pink. Natural green diamonds are caused by natural radiation under the ground. Even today, we do not know all the answers to the causes, which, for me, is why they’re so amazing to behold … they really are nature’s tiny mysteries!

Q:  How can you tell a treated colored diamond from a natural?

A: First, I would say, buy only from a trusted source. Second, many treated diamonds just look too good to be true. Treated diamonds usually have extremely saturated, deep, vivid colors that have a ‘cold’ look to the color. For example, treated pink diamonds are usually a fuschia deep hot pink and not the soft warm pretty pink of natural diamonds. Also, color zoning is a strong indicator of treatment. At a gem testing lab, a spectroscope is used to determine the presence of color treatment.


The Golden Jubilee – Largest faceted diamond in the world – 545.67 carats.

Q:  What is the largest natural cut colored diamond?

A: The Golden Jubilee. It is the largest faceted diamond in the world (colored or otherwise.) Discovered in 1986 in the Premier mine of South Africa, this stone was originally called the ‘Unnamed Brown’ which weighed 755.5 carats. After cutting by Master Cutter Gabi Tolkowsky, it became what it is today, a 545.67 carats yellowish-brown fire-rose cushion shape diamond. The Golden Jubilee is currently the largest diamond ever to have been cut. It was offered in 1997 to the King of Thailand for his golden jubilee – the 50th anniversary of his reign and is now part of the Thai Crown Jewels.

Q:  Why are your colored diamonds hundreds of dollars while some go for millions at auction?

A: In this instance, size does matter … our colored diamonds range from 0.10 ct. to 0.25 ct. while diamonds that go up for auction are usually large specimens. The price for diamonds, especially colored diamonds, can increase exponentially due to size.

That’s all, folks! Hope I’ve managed to answer some of your questions and feel free to contact me if you have more.


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