Symbols of Rebirth & Renewal

At a New Year’s Eve party two nights ago, chatting with friends old and new, the topic of new year resolutions inevitably surfaced. To me, resolutions are like our verbal wish to shed an old skin, snake-like, and begin anew. The idea of rebirth and renewal is so ingrained in culture and history, it is a part of our common lore. There are many symbols spanning various cultures, be it modern or ancient, that capture its poetic beauty. Here are some immortalized in a jewel or gem!

Celtic – snake

From left: Boucheron snake bracelet by Harumi Klossowska, Boucheron snake bracelet by Harumi Klossowska, antique sapphire and diamond snake bracelet

Egyptian – scarab beetle

From left: 1923 Cartier scarab brooch, Antique emerald and diamond scarab brooch, Antique carved hardstone scarab necklace

Native American – Frog


From left: Di Grisogono galuchat green garnet frog cuff

Chinese – Cicada


From left: René Lalique enamel cicada brooch, Wallace Chan multi-gem cicada brooch, Siam Gem Palace carved nephrite cicada bead

Modern – rabbits, eggs, butterflies


From left: Boucheron engraved diamond butterfly brooch, Cartier colored diamond butterfly brooch, Fabergé pink guilloche enamel egg pendant, Fabergé white guilloche enamel egg pendant, pavé diamond rabbit ring, Raymond C. Yard rabbit waiter brooch


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