Victorian Garnet Jewelry

Garnets come in every color of the spectrum. Yes, a blue garnet was recently discovered in Africa making the spectrum complete. However, when asked, most people would answer that the color of garnet is a dark red. For this, and so many other things in jewelry and the decorative arts, we have the Victorians to thank.

In the 1800’s, a large deposit of pyrope garnet – a dark red variety – was discovered in what is modern day Czechoslovakia, hence, the moniker Bohemian Garnet.

The Victorians produced a large amount of jewelry using Bohemian Garnets and arranged them into popular motifs of the time.

Here’s a look at some typical garnet jewelry from that era:

Pyrope garnets are particularly dark and somber in tone. It’s no wonder the Victorians loved them and used them in everything from lockets, to bracelets, to brooches to memorial jewelry.

I sneaked two pieces in the gallery that isn’t technically “Victorian” but they are such great pieces and good examples of garnet jewelry that I forgive myself. Can you pick out which ones they are?

Garnet is January’s birthstone. I will be writing about this stone in its many forms all throughout the month. To read more, see my post on Demantoid Garnets.

(all images via 1stdibs)


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