Yael Sonia: Jewelry in Motion


An interchangeable bracelet/pendant; unscrew the end-caps to change the rolling gemstones inside.

Brazilian jewelry designer Yael Sonia uses children’s toys as inspiration.

Yael Sonia

Yael Sonia

Sonia’s designs comprise of rolling spheres, swinging pendulums and spinning tops; Sonia’s jewelry comes alive as it swooshes and clicks with every movement.

Rough Gemstone Interchangeable Rings

Rough Gemstone Interchangeable Rings

We especially love her use of rough gemstone beads in her interchangeable rings; how wonderful is it to be able to match your ring to your mood/outfit with a click?

Sonia takes the raw quality of rough gemstones and ‘sets’ them in highly polished, architectural structures in gold, often, encasing the raw gems inside cage-like contraptions.

Her pieces are fresh, modern, colorful, and fun!


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