Delfina Delettrez: Bizarre Luxury

Perhaps you’ve seen Delfina Delettrez’s work in high end fashion mags like Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle.

If you have, I’m sure that you quite suddenly stopped in your tracks; it is impossible to encounter her work without doing a double-take at its bizarre quality and originality.

Hailing from the Italian family that started the luxury label, Fendi, it’s no wonder Delfina Delettrez’s designs are at once, out-of-this-world, and yet, ooze luxury.

Touches of Surrealism (especially of Salvador Dali) run throughout her work; the ruby red lips, the single blue-eye, and disjointed fragments of a whole are all present in her pieces.

I may even venture to say that her interpretations of Dali are more engaging than the Spanish artist’s own manifestations of elements from his paintings in gemstones and metal, for Dali did produce jewelry in his lifetime.

I always look forward to seeing what new pieces Delettrez has churned out every season, and they’re always fresh, original and a little bizarre … just the way I like it!


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