Jack du Rose: Nouveau Lalique

Jack du Rose. You may have never heard this name until now. But look out – he is fast emerging on the haute joaillerie-cum-art world circuit like a meteor about to hit the Earth.Jack-du-Rose-Snakes

Jack du Rose is also the artist who placed 8,601 diamond-sized pieces of paper circles onto a real-life skull to mark the diamond placements and to estimate how many diamonds were needed in Damien Hirst’s, For the Love of God, the record-breaking artwork with a £50m price tag. (image from the New York Times)07.06.13.hirst.190

And it’s clear why. His 8-piece debut collection Danger is jaw-droppingly gorgeous, reminiscent of the genius and artistry of René Lalique.

Like Lalique, du Rose’s pieces center around a narrative. The aptly named collection ties together the subject matter of each piece i.e., vipers, poison-dart frog, jellyfish, spider, octopus, lion, poison moth, wasps, dangereux indeed.

The collection balances between sensual fantasy and stark realism; a delicate mix of the sublime and grotesque. In his more elaborate vipers piece, the viewer questions with some trepidation, whether this is a scene of imminent battle or embrace – an unsolved mystery only Jack du Rose can answer.

Du Rose, without a physical shop, displays his pieces in dramatic hand-blown bell jars created by artist Andy Paiko at various galleries around London. If you’re lucky enough to own one of his works, each piece, including the bell jar, is housed in its own cabinet handmade by craftsmen in London with Macassar ebony veneer, alcantara upholstery and rose gold plated metalwork which can only be unlocked with a gold and diamond Deadly Scorpion key. Prices start at £220,000. (all images from Jack du Rose)


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