Tito Pedrini

Tito Pedrini is not afraid of color. I first met Tito ten years ago when I was studying at the G.I.A. obtaining my graduate gemologist certification. I remember looking at his gorgeous jewelry and thinking this man has a great eye for color. He told our class that his secret weapon is often using ‘B’ stones – a term that the G.I.A. uses to categorize seldom used minerals; scapolite, sphene, spodumene, brazillianite etc. are all examples of ‘B’ stones. The more commonly used gems in jewelry like sapphires, tourmalines, quartz, opal etc. are all considered ‘A’ stones.

‘B’ stones can be quite beautiful often rivaling their more known cousins. Some have unique colors and properties which make them distinctive like sphene which has dispersion (the break-down of light into rainbow colors which is reflected back to the viewer) as high as that of diamonds!


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