Diamond in the Rough

All month long, I will be focusing on diamonds (in all their glory and forms), because diamonds are April’s birthstone!

Today, I’ll be featuring Diamond in the Rough, a brand launched by Daniel Eskapa in 2005 that makes exquisite jewelry featuring high quality rough diamonds.

exclusives images With the re-launch of their website last year, the brand is strongly focusing on the bridal aspect of their business with many new one-of-a-kind engagement rings being featured and sold directly through the site.

Capitalizing on the trend of unconventional engagement rings, the e-commerce site opens up a whole new audience for the brand with their prices starting at just under $3,000, the pieces are now both affordable and available!

What is different about Diamond in the Rough from other companies is their use of high quality, well-shaped rough diamonds. The rough they use are the same caliber as that of faceted diamonds which sets them apart.

For today’s savvy consumer, buying something non-traditional doesn’t mean they want to sacrifice on quality, an important insight that, Anjanette Clisura, creative director and president of Diamond in the Rough, realized early on. “People could understand this idea of “Natural Luxury” and all the clients we knew were looking for something unique …”

Well, Daniel and Anjanette, you certainly delivered!

Anjanette's own engagement ring that her fiancé designed on cocktail napkins on a flight from L.A. to New York.

5) Anjanette’s own engagement ring that her fiancé designed on cocktail napkins on a flight from L.A. to New York. 4) The bracelet spells “FPO” or ‘for placement only’ which is what Anjanette had henna tattooed on her finger while waiting for her ring to be completed.

Images c/o Diamond in the Rough, Brides, rough-polished.com


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