Niessing: German Engineered Wedding Bands

In the many years I’ve been in the jewelry business, the German manufacturer, Niessing, continues to fascinate and amaze me.


Niessing is a top manufacturer of premium, contemporary German jewelry design. Much like German cars, German jewelry is renown for clean lines, perfection in workmanship, and an innovative approach. Niessing’s technical achievements in metal-working is unparalelled, their workmanship is perfection and their design team makes each piece of jewelry poetry.


The Vreden-based German manufacturer is best known for their clean, contemporary aesthetic coupled with a playful attitude in their range of wedding bands. Their philosophy seems to be that one should engage with the rings rather than to simply look at it.


Many of their rings have an ‘interactive’ element to them e.g. swiveling bezels, moving diamonds, 24kt pure gold that molds to your fingers, two rings that come apart and fit together again like a puzzle and even hidden messages that only two lovers can know and feel by running their fingers over the rings.

Niessing has managed to infuse some really interesting new ideas into the age-old tradition of wedding bands. Their pieces are of the highest quality and so well made that the quirky ideas don’t seem like gimmicks but rather a testament to their willingness to be innovative and push technical boundaries.

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