Weekend Project: S-Hook Clasp

The S-Hook clasp has been around since antiquity and is one of the easiest clasps to make. With a minimal of tools, you can create custom S-Hooks and give your pieces a unique, handmade appeal . . .

You’ll need:

  • Wire (gauge depends on the desired size and effect of the clasp but you should practice by making bigger ones first, so 18 gauge is a good starting point)
  • Raw hide mallet
  • Chasing hammer
  • Steel hammering block

Now watch this excellent video from Art Jewelry Magazine.

Ok. So you’ve made the S-Hook. But it’s not a clasp until you make the jump ring that will go on the other side. Making jump rings is a simple procedure requiring, really, only three tools. Remember that the jump ring has to fit through the S-Hook you’ve just made, so choose wire gauge and dowel size accordingly.

You’ll Need:

  • Wire
  • Round dowels (pens, sharpies, etc. will do the trick)
  • Wire clippers

Now, watch this video by FaveCrafts.com:

It’s that simple, folks! Make your own S-Hook Clasps this weekend!


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