OPAL QUEEN – Irene Neuwirth

Opal has always been one of my personal favorite gemstones. Truly, no other gem rivals the magnificent play-of-color displayed on a fine opal.

Screen shot 2011-12-01 at 8.53.35 PM

When it comes to current designers, there is only one, Irene Neuwirth, that utilizes this gem to its full potential.

Irene Neuwirth brings a freshness and modernity to this age-old gem. Whether it’s accentuating the organic feel of boulder opals or color-matching Peruvian opals to pastel perfection, Irene Neuwirth is one designer you cannot ignore.

In her latest collection, opals take center-stage. Irene Neuwirth showcases the opal in all its glory ranging from the intense Mexican fire opals to the demure Peruvian variety, to the mesmerizing Australian boulder opals and doublets . . . she uses them all . . . an absolute feast for the eyes!

images via Irene Neuwirth


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