Irish Crochet Jewelry

Irish crochet is one of the most beautiful forms of needlework and lace-making. It has a three-dimensionality to it that other laces just don’t have. For this reason, it also lends itself really well to jewelry-making.



One of the biggest challenges in incorporating crochet in jewelry is not to let it get too ‘precious’ or ‘granny’. Balancing the delicate floral motifs with a modern sensibility is key.

Yvonne Beale is an Irish artist who has successfully infused a simple design sense with the labor-intensive work of creating crochet. I think the simplicity of her designs really work. And pairing the needlework with an over-sized pearl is brilliant. Her work is also on the feature photo of this post.







Another brilliant idea courtesy of A.J. White is to cast the crocheted piece in metal. This cuff is one of the most stunning crochet inspired pieces of jewelry I’ve ever come across. Once you’ve made the mold, you can cast the design in any number of metals, gold, silver, brass, copper or bronze . . . how beautiful would it be to do something like this in copper then give it a verdigris patina?



I’ll leave you with a few magnificent pieces of Irish crochet to get your heart thumping and your creative juices flowing.








































P.S. if you don’t know how to crochet, here is a tutorial to help you on the way:

(images via,,


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