How To Save Cash When Engagement Ring Shopping

Over the years, I’ve helped a lot of people with buying their engagement ring – from complete strangers, to family to friends and friends of friends. Everyone has a different budget and style and I love working with each couple (or sometimes just the nervous groom-to-be) to figure out what would work best for them.


Cathy Waterman Diamond Engagement Rings

Here’s some important information you should know and tips on how to save your hard-earned cash when you’re in-the-know of some diamond trade secrets!

Before you step into your local jeweler’s, please take the time to read these posts I’ve made over the 3 years I’ve had this blog. You’ll be armed with an arsenal of information to help you on your way and ultimately pick the right ring for you and your sweetheart. Good luck!

1) A Cut Above

2) 4C’s Debriefed

3) Color Explained

4) Antique Cuts & Styles

5) Carat Explained

6) Clarity Explained

7) Diamond Alternatives: Sapphire Engagement Rings

Stay tuned . . . Next up, I’ll be posting about the best online resources for engagement ring shopping from best Etsy sellers to best online retailers to general information at large on the internet.

(images via Ylang23, featured image: Todd Reed rings via The Clay Pot)


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