Photomicrography: Capturing the Unseen

You can discover an entire cosmos within a piece of quartz, for example, by observing their inclusions. The formations and geological histories of each stone can sometimes be seen under a microscope.


Danny J Sanchez, a native Los Angelino, has mastered the art of photomicrography. Using focus stacking, the wonders inside minerals are captured brilliantly and artfully. negative-crystal-in-spinel_905

What can be seen are minerals within other minerals, or more hauntingly, the negative spaces left by ‘ghost’ crystals long departed but which have left their indelible impressions.muscovite-in-qtz_905

One might even see petroleum captured inside a piece of quartz as both materials formed simultaneously under the Earth. How fascinating it is to look at things under magnification.

Artists like Danny J Sanchez and Rose-Lynn Fisher whose latest series called Topography of Tears in which she photographs dried human tears in different states of emotions (Above: Tears of Timeless Reunion. Below: Tears of Change) reminds us that there is a whole other world which exists that we can’t see.fisher_tearsofchange

Examining images like these seem to slow down time – fascinating to think that one took millions of years to form while the other took but a few seconds in a fleeting state of human emotion – yet both share similarities in motifs.

For me, it’s yet another reminder that we (and everything we know) are all made up of the same stuff.

(images via Danny J Sanchez and Rose-Lynn Fisher)


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