Nak Armstrong – Kaleidoscope Jewels

Looking at Nak Armstrong‘s jewelry is a bit like looking into a kaleidoscope. His use of geometric shapes and colors create a fantasy world of sparkle that is somehow other-worldly yet familiar.


His use of rectangular, triangular, square, and tapered gems allow him to create gorgeous and intricate patterns. This Texas designer doesn’t shy away from colors, patterns or shapes! I love that he uses mostly colored gemstones with small diamonds only as accents.


He also rarely uses any calibrated stones which lend his creations a one-of-a-kind feeling.



Nak definitely has his own unique aesthetic – such an important quality to possess as a designer. The ability to communicate a consistent feeling or idea yet churning out new designs all the time.




Hats off to Nak and all designers who continue to wow us with their creativity and fresh approach to gems! x


Want to try your hand at using some geometric gems to arrange an interesting pattern? Check out these beauties in our store.

il_570xN.637598612_3alh il_570xN.637602846_j4vj il_570xN.637712745_i3g8 il_570xN.637720023_mb3w il_570xN.637722125_5a8h




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