Fun with JAR

56714e1c640f3d0a3d0abcf9d413d293Joel Arthur Rosenthal, or JAR as he is known to the world, is probably the most illustrious jeweler of our time. Shrouded in an aura of mystery and elusiveness, his pieces are sought after by the most discerning (and monied) collectors worldwide.


Although they are very serious pieces of jewelry owned and worn by the most serious of individuals from royalty, to stateswomen, to international jet-set philanthropists, I can’t help but to see their potential for whimsy.image

The eye-popping colors of the delicious sapphires, garnets, diamonds, and some semi-precious stones make for great visual impact. I used A Beautiful Mess‘ amazing app to create these fun images.image

I like the idea of taking something so precious and mixing it up with a bit of pop art.


I had a lot of fun putting these pictures together. I will probably never own a JAR in my life time but this way, I can still play with all his beautiful jewels.  x

(JAR photos courtesy of Christie’s & FD Gallery, JAR portrait courtesy of


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