5 Best Etsy Shops for Engagement Rings (not just diamonds!)

These 5 Etsy sellers make wonderful engagement rings and wedding sets with individual flare that is classic and unique . . . And if you’re iffy about diamonds, all of these sellers offer great alternatives like Moissanite, white topaz, or white sapphire.

1. Kate Szabone

Kate Szabone designs are romantic with a nod to antique stylings but updated with a modern sensibility. If you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds, Kate makes many of her designs with Moissanite in lieu of diamonds.


2. One Stone New York

One Stone New York has a clean and simple aesthetic with just enough of a twist to still make the rings interesting. Again, if you’re looking for an alternative to diamonds, this shop offers designs in white sapphires.


3. Kyle Anne Metals

Kyle Anne Metals has clean and classic designs and settings. What sets these rings apart is the selection of colored diamonds available i.e. black, gray, rust colored diamonds. Kyle Anne Metals also offers Moissanite rings.


4. One Garnet Girl

With a modern and austere aesthetic, One Garnet Girl is for the bold girl looking for a slightly edgy ring. One Garnet Girl offers engagement ring styles in white topaz, a much more affordable (but still very sparkly!) alternative to Moissanite. Or go with something totally different altogether, like amethyst or rutilated quartz. Tip: Do ask about the hardness of a stone and how it will wear as an engagement ring before purchase. Some stones are too fragile to be worn daily.


5. Artëmer

Recently featured on Etsy’s homepage, this couple from Israel is making some gorgeous wedding sets that are on trend yet classic and well made. I love how they have thought about how the wedding band will sit against the engagement ring and have created playful and whimsical sets that look great together.



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