Louis Vuitton Fluorite Bottle Opener Ring

By the time a trend hits the big designers, especially a global sensation like Louis Vuitton, you can guarantee the trend has been around for a few years.

Take this fluorite crystal ring for example – incorporating raw gemstones / crystals in artisan jewelry has been hugely popular for a while now with the explosion of the DIY / artisan movement. Finally seeing this trend adopted by a name like Louis Vuitton is no surprise.



What intrigues me is always the ability of the global brands to interpret a ‘street’ trend and turn it into something ‘fashion’ with mass appeal like this gold finished bottle opener ring. The double-terminated natural banded fluorite crystal is breath taking in its own right but LV has turned New Age on its head with the opener shape and the logo stamped cuff. And this ring commands its price – $600.00 USD (sold out on LV’s website) which is on the lowest end of their jewelry offerings.

p.s. fluorite is a very soft mineral and is prone to breakage. Setting it horizontally in a ring with the points exposed is usually not a good idea, so if you do get your hands on this ring, be gentle with it!

(image via Harper’s Bazaar)


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