Holiday Gift Guide – No More Tangles!

imageHoliday Gift Guide 2014: 

#1  Lacquer Jewelry Box

I know September hasn’t even ended. Yes, I’m already starting to round up ideas for holiday gifts. Can a girl ever be over prepared? I think not. So here goes the first item in my 2014 Holiday Gift Guide:

This donut shaped lacquer box from UK based Orchid Furniture is pure genius – no more tangled mess when storing necklaces! Based on a traditional Chinese design and hand painted with mythical dragons, it comes in red, gold, green, and black … aaaaaand you can cross four girls off your list. x

[images via Orchid Furniture]
p.s. This post along with all other posts on my blog are NOT sponsored. I simply pick things I like and things I think you would like without receiving any monetary (or other types) of compensation. If in the future this changes, it will be clearly indicated as such.

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