All About Geodes

Geodes. Aren’t they just the coolest rocks! A hard exterior hiding a surprising center. So, how do they get all pretty like that?

Mini Geode Beads 82


Geodes form in hollow spaces in sedimentary and volcanic rocks. These hollow spaces come from air bubbles that exploded or organic matters that have dissolved over time leaving cavities behind. Over time, a slow feed of mineral rich ground water and hydrothermal solutions allows crystals to form inside the hollow chamber.

Most often you’ll see geodes dissected in half. This shows off the varied stages of precipitation and changes in chemistry which causes the different colorations.

Mini Geodes 316


For example, solutions containing iron oxides will impart a rust hue. But there’s really no way to tell what the inside of a geode will hold until it’s cut open. The geographical location at which they’re found can be a good indication of the coloring inside though.

Left: Janna Conner | Right: Kimberly McDonald

Geodes used for jewelry often come from Mexico because they are the smallest in size. Tabasco Geodes from Mexico come in the most vibrant and varied colors usually with a small rind of agate.

Left: Siam Gem Palace Geode Slices | Right: One King’s Lane

Sometimes you’ll see geodes sliced. But any way you cut it, they’re simply wonders to behold. They really lend a raw beauty to any piece.

Left: Siam Gem Palace Tabasco Geodes | Right: Plukka Jewelry

And the great thing about them is, you can certainly dress ’em up or dress ’em down for any occasion!

All our geodes are natural – no dyes or treatments – as sometimes geodes can be dyed. x

[Image via Siam Gem Palace, Janna Conner, Kimberly McDonald, One King’s Lane, Plukka Jewelry]

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