About Me

I’m a Graduate Gemologist who is passionate about gems – their history; how they’re formed; their provenance; how to showcase them in a piece of jewelry; how best to present their beauty to others. These are all things I obsess over.

I was first hooked on the mystique of gems when I was engagement ring shopping more than ten years ago while living and working in New York as a graphic designer.

Looking back, it baffles the mind how a fateful event can change the course of your whole life!

In order to become an educated consumer and to make a good purchase decision on the engagement ring, I sought to learn what I can online and through sales people at various jewelry establishments around Manhattan. The more I learned about gems, the more I wanted to know. I decided to go back to school and earned a Graduate Gemologist degree from the G.I.A.

More than a decade later, I’m still living and breathing the stuff. I’ve made gems and jewelry into my livelihood and continue to be amazed at the beauty and variety nature bestows us.

After graduating from G.I.A., I worked at various outfits in New York including a world-renowned antique jewelry gallery, a Belgian diamond wholesaler / site holder, a wholesaler of Canadian diamonds, a Fifth Avenue fine jeweler selling through Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, Barney’s, Lane Crawford and other global luxury retailers.

In my working career, I’ve been privileged to handle some of the world’s most dazzling antique jewelry and works of art from 19th century masters like Fabergé, Castellani, and Giuliano. What I’ve learned is that it isn’t the intrinsic value of an object that gives it beauty or significance; after all, a painting is nothing more than oil and canvas. What gives it beauty is the artistry, workmanship, and concept its creator instills in it.

With this view, I seek out gems that are glorious and unique in their own right. It is up to my customers to make meaning from them.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve discovered either through this blog or through my store on Etsy or the website.

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